Monday 28 March 2022

Guiding Day, North Norfolk 28.03.22

Black tailed godwit, Cley

Paul and Fiona made a most generous donation to Isabel Hospice and MindGarden, Sri Lanka at the Mayor's Charity Evening last October. The auction was for a day's birding in North Norfolk with me guiding and driving and covering costs. Paul kindly paid for lunch at The Kings Head, Blakeney which was not on the agenda.

We left Stortford at 5.30am, coffee in Wells Next The Sea and then headed to North Point Pools, just East of the town. Few early day listers here, very few photos as was too misty, so off to Kelling Heath. Here, Chiffchaff and Stonechat but no Dartford warblers or early Willow warblers so on to Kelling Quags and Water Meadows. A distant Black Redstart, more Stonechat and Reed bunting along with Egyptian goose and Little egrets. Plenty of Linnets.

We then headed to Cley for a much required coffee as the mist cleared and the temperature rose. On to the reserve and a Garganey from Daukes Hide as well as a close up Black tailed godwit along with a selection of wildfowl and regular waders before a wander down East Bank to the Richie Richardson Hide. Marsh Harrier, large flock of Golden plover, many redshank all recorded with a brief flight of Bearded reedling and a very quick glimpse of a Cetti's warbler. A quick check on the sea realised Common gull and Red throated diver.

We continued westwards, stopping for lunch in Blakeney where we recorded a Greenfinch on a TV aerial. A quick check at Brancaster Staithe where Turnstone got on to the day list before popping up to Choseley drying barns, but nothing noteworthy so off to Titchwell RSPB Reserve.

A Brambling by the Visitors' Centre before a wander all the way to the beach. Sanderling here whilst back on the Freshmarsh, Mediterranean Gulls, Avocets, godwits, Little ringed plover, Grey plover, Dunlin and Ringed plover were recorded. A flyby Hobby was a good sight as well.

In all, 82 species for the day, so none too tardy. 5 year listers for me and several lifers for Paul and Fiona.

Great day out, good company, wonderful scenery, pleasing weather and a plethora of birds. Perfect.


  1. Red throated diver
  2. Little grebe
  3. Cormorant
  4. Little egret
  5. Grey heron
  6. Spoonbill (year lister)
  7. Mute swan
  8. Greylag goose
  9. Canada goose
  10. Brent goose
  11. Shelduck
  12. Egyptian goose
  13. Mallard
  14. Gadwall
  15. Shoveler
  16. Wigeon
  17. Teal
  18. Garganey (year lister)
  19. Pochard
  20. Tufted duck
  21. Red kite
  22. Marsh harrier
  23. Common buzzard
  24. Kestrel
  25. Hobby (Year lister)
  26. Red legged partridge
  27. Grey partridge
  28. Pheasant
  29. Moorhen
  30. Coot
  31. Oystercatcher
  32. Avocet
  33. Little ringed plover (year lister)
  34. Ringed plover
  35. Grey plover
  36. Golden plover
  37. Lapwing
  38. Knot
  39. Sanderling
  40. Turnstone
  41. Dunlin
  42. Redshank
  43. Black tailed godwit
  44. Curlew
  45. Snipe
  46. Ruff
  47. Black headed gull
  48. Common gull
  49. Mediterranean gull
  50. Herring gull
  51. Lesser black backed gull
  52. Wood pigeon
  53. Stock dove
  54. Skylark
  55. Meadow pipit
  56. Pied wagtail
  57. Wren
  58. Dunnock
  59. Robin
  60. Stonechat
  61. Song thrush
  62. Blackbird
  63. Cetti's warbler
  64. Chiffchaff
  65. Goldcrest
  66. Great tit
  67. Blue tit
  68. Coal tit (heard)
  69. Bearded reedling
  70. Magpie
  71. Jackdaw
  72. Carrion crow
  73. Rook
  74. Starling
  75. House sparrow
  76. Chaffinch
  77. Brambling (year lister)
  78. Linnet
  79. Goldfinch
  80. Greenfinch
  81. Reed bunting
  82. Yellowhammer.
Hare in the mist, Kelling Water Meadows

Early morning Wren

Meadow pipit, Kelling Quags

Little egret, Kelling Water Meadows

Wren, Kelling Water Meadows

Avocet, Cley

Dozing drake Garganey, Cley

Distant Black tailed godwit coming into breeding plumage, Cley

Drake wigeon, Cley

Ruff, Arnold's Marsh, Cley

Garganey, Daukes Hide, Cley Reserve

Ruff, The Serpentine, Cley Reserve

Golden Plover, Arnold's Marsh, Cley

Brambling, Titchwell

Drake Teal, Titchwell Freshmarsh

Mediterranean Gulls, Titchwell Freshmarsh

Pochard drake with Gadwall, Titchwell

Curlew, Tidal Marsh, Titchwell

Oystercatcher, Tidal Marsh, Titchwell

Ministry of Meadow Pipit Silly Walks, Titchwell

Meadow pipit not wanting a photo opportunity, Titchwell

Redshank, Titchwell

Pied wagtail on the roof of the Parrinder Hide, Titchwell

Distant Golden plover, Titchwell Freshmarsh

Mediterranean gulls

Dunlin form the Parrinder Hide

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Morning at Cliffe Pools, Kent

 I was booked to give an RSPB presentation to the local group in Gravesend at 2pm so an early 7am start from home found me wandering around Cliffe Reserve by 8am. Great light and some wonderful views of common birds. Nothing out of the ordinary but it is March, so I didn't expect much.

Mediterranean Gulls along with a distant Greenshank and a Garden warbler were year listers, but just great to have a walk around the reserve. Cliffe has so much potential but very little investment by the RSPB means it remains potential rather than reality. It is a huge area to cover on foot and I suspect many irregular migrants pass through unnoticed.

Sadly, local vandalism means there are no hides whilst the funding that RSPB had planned for the reserve was taken up by the London Olympics in 2012 and the RSPB didn't receive the money it had anticipated, so I am informed.

Here are some photos from the day and a species list..

  1. Little grebe
  2. Great crested grebe
  3. Cormorant
  4. Little egret
  5. Grey heron
  6. Greylag Goose
  7. Canada goose
  8. Shelduck
  9. Egyptian goose
  10. Mallard
  11. Shoveler
  12. Wigeon
  13. Teal
  14. Tufted duck
  15. Common buzzard
  16. Moorhen
  17. Coot
  18. Oystercatcher
  19. Avocet
  20. Lapwing
  21. Redshank
  22. Greenshank
  23. Black headed gull
  24. Common gull
  25. Mediterranean gull
  26. Herring gull
  27. Lesser black backed gull
  28. Wood pigeon
  29. Stock dove
  30. Collared dove
  31. Rose ringed parakeet
  32. Green woodpecker
  33. Skylark
  34. Wren
  35. Dunnock
  36. Robin
  37. Song thrush
  38. Blackbird
  39. Garden warbler
  40. Cetti's warbler
  41. Chiffchaff
  42. Great tit
  43. Blue tit
  44. Long tailed tit
  45. Magpie
  46. Carrion Crow
  47. Jackdaw
  48. Starling
  49. House sparrow
  50. Chaffinch
  51. Goldfinch
  52. Greenfinch
  1. Peacock
  2. Brimstone
  3. Small tortoiseshell
  4. Comma

Song thrush


Comma butterfly

Little egret

Peacock butterfly

Brimstone butterfly

Great crested grebe in evening light

Small tortoiseshell

Mediterranean Gull showing a ring, eith 33FT or 33ET

Magpie at the end of the day

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Moth species in the garden and Little Hadham 2022. Updated 05.12.22

 Just a quick list of all moth species taken this year.

Macro moths:

  1. Winter moth
  2. Small brindled beauty
  3. Common quaker
  4. March moth
  5. Hebrew character
  6. Oak beauty
  7. Small quaker
  8. Clouded drab
  9. Dotted border
  10. Pale pinion
  11. Early thorn
  12. Double striped pug
  13. Chestnut
  14.  Engrailed
  15. Brindled pug
  16. Nut tree tussock
  17. Streamer
  18. Powdered quaker
  19. Brindled beauty
  20. Flame shoulder
  21. Lunar marbled brown
  22. Silver Y
  23. Coronet
  24. Knot grass.
  25. Herald
  26. Angle shades
  27. Scorched carpet
  28. Red twin spot carpet
  29. Brimstone
  30. Mottled pug
  31. Green carpet
  32. Coxcomb prominent
  33. Poplar hawkmoth
  34. Spectacle
  35. Red green carpet
  36. Common pug
  37. Buttoned snout
  38. Garden carpet
  39. Yellow barred brindle
  40. Shuttle shaped dart
  41. Common marbled carpet
  42. Rustic shoulder knot
  43. Wormwood pug
  44. Least Black arches
  45. Waved umber
  46. Common carpet
  47. Clouded border
  48. Purple bar
  49. Cinnabar
  50. Pale tussock
  51. Treble lines
  52. Small waved umber
  53. Common white wave
  54. Latticed heath
  55. Tawny marbled minor
  56. Small square spot 
  57. Snout
  58. Bright line brown eye
  59. White point
  60. Shears
  61. Large nutmeg
  62. Scorched wing
  63. Willow beauty
  64. Common wainscot
  65. Heart and dart
  66. Common swift
  67. Blood vein
  68. Bordered straw (new for parish)
  69. Setaceous hebrew character
  70. Oak tree pug
  71. Marbled minor
  72. Buff ermine
  73. Eyed hawkmoth
  74. Buff tip
  75. Oak hooktip
  76. Elephant hawkmoth
  77. Small clouded brindle
  78. Common wave
  79. Silver ground carpet
  80. Maiden's blush
  81. Light emerald
  82. Pale oak beauty
  83. Clouded silver
  84. Water carpet
  85. Middle barred minor
  86. Scalloped hazel
  87. Sandy carpet
  88. Brown rustic
  89. Pale prominent
  90. Large yellow underwing
  91. Mouse moth
  92. Green pug
  93. Slender pug
  94. Light brocade
  95. Lychnis
  96. Shoulder striped wainscot.
  97. Pale mottled willow
  98. Clouded brindle
  99. Pine carpet
  100. Straw dot
  101. Brown Silver-line
  102. Flame
  103. Orange footman
  104. Turnip
  105. Barred yellow
  106. Heart and Club
  107. Mottled beauty
  108. Beautiful hooktip
  109. Flame carpet
  110. Riband wave
  111. Broad barred white
  112. Freyer's pug
  113. Yellowshell
  114. Ruddy carpet
  115. Barred straw
  116. Privet hawkmoth
  117. Rufous minor
  118. Common footman
  119. Burnet companion
  120. Common emerald
  121. Blue bordered carpet
  122. Uncertain
  123. Dingy shell
  124. Least carpet
  125. Dark arches
  126. Small emerald
  127. Six spotted burnet (Larvae at Westland Green)
  128. Burnished brass
  129. Blotched emerald
  130. Single dotted wave
  131. Dotted fan foot
  132. Swallow-tailed moth
  133. Twin spot carpet
  134. Fan foot
  135. Red belted clearwing
  136. Currant clearwing
  137. Short cloaked moth
  138. Ingrailed clay
  139. Rustic
  140. Pale mottled willow
  141. Maple prominent
  142. Bordered beauty
  143. Waved black
  144. Buff arches
  145. Dwarf cream wave
  146. Buff footman
  147. Scarce silver lines
  148. July highflier
  149. Double square spot
  150. Ghost moth
  151. Light arches
  152. Small elephant hawkmoth
  153. Dunbar
  154. Dusky brocade
  155. Green arches (new for parish)
  156. Smoky wainscot
  157. Double square spot
  158. Small fan foot wave
  159. Large twin spot carpet.
  160. Fern
  161. Clay
  162. White satin moth
  163. Scalloped oak
  164. Scarce footman
  165. Humming bird Hawkmoth
  166. Mottled rustic
  167. Treble brown spot
  168. Dark umber
  169. Ruby tiger
  170. Iron prominent
  171. Dusky sallow
  172. Common rustic
  173. Oak eggar
  174. Pebble prominent
  175. Drinker
  176. Magpie
  177. Black arches
  178. Lesser spotted pinion
  179. Jersey tiger
  180. Purple thorn
  181. Broad bordered yellow underwing
  182. Lesser broad bordered yellow underwing
  183. Cloaked minor
  184. Pine hawkmoth
  185. Vapourer
  186. Webb's wainscot
  187. Shaded broad bar
  188. Tree lichen beauty
  189. Chocolate tip
  190. Dusky thorn
  191. Maple pug
  192. Yarrow pug
  193. Copper underwing
  194. Lunar yellow underwing
  195. Lesser Common rustic
  196. Square spot rustic
  197. Oak processionary
  198. Currant pug
  199. Rosy minor
  200. Tawny speckled pug
  201. Straw underwing
  202. Hummingbird hawkmoth
  203. Raspberry clearwing
  204. Square spotted clay
  205. Small phoenix
  206. Cabbage moth
  207. Svensson's Copper underwing
  208. Six-striped rustic
  209. Rosy minor
  210. Straw underwing
  211. Tawny speckled pug
  212. Orange swift
  213. Ear moth
  214. Red underwing
  215. Rosy rustic
  216. Flounced rustic
  217. Frosted orange
  218. Hoary footman
  219. Gypsy moth
  220. Nutmeg
  221. Treble bar
  222. Centre barred sallow
  223. Pinion streaked snout
  224. Bulrush wainscot
  225. Lesser yellow underwing
  226. Dark spectacle
  227. Cypress pug
  228. Vestal
  229. Brown -spot Pinion
  230. Green-brindled Crescent
  231. Old Lady
  232. Delicate
  233. Lunar Underwing
  234. Brindled green
  235. Satellite
  236. Deep-brown Dart
  237. Barred sallow
  238. Beaded Chestnut
  239. Black Rustic
  240. L-album Wainscot
  241. Sallow
  242. Mallow
  243. Dark sword grass
  244. Merveille du Jour
  245. November moth
  246. Yellow line quaker
  247. Feathered Thorn
  248. Red line quaker
  249. Brick
  250. December moth
  251. Winter moth 16.11.22
  252. Scarce Umber 17.11.22
  253. Sprawler 19.11.22
  254. Mottled umber 05.12.22
  255. Pale Brindled beauty 20.12.22
Scarce Umber


Red Line Quaker

Red Green carpet

Feathered Thorn

Yellow Line Quaker

  1. Merveille du Jour


Dark sword grass

L-album wainscot


Cypress Pug


Bulrush wainscot

Pinion streaked snout. New moth for Little Hadham parish

Centre barred sallow

Treble bar

Scarce footman

Straw underwing

Knot grass

Oak eggar

Scalloped oak


Scarce footman



Green arches, new for parish

Blue bordered carpet.

Scarce silver-lines

Ghost moth

Waved black

Buff arches

Beautiful Golden Y

Maple prominent

Coxcomb Prominent

Clouded silver

Common emerald

Small emerald

Barred straw

Broad barred white

Buff ermine

Shoulder striped wainscot

Green pug

Pale prominent

Maiden's blush

Light emerald

Elephant hawkmoth

Small Clouded brindle

Blood vein

Bordered straw, new for parish

Scorched wing

Treble lines

White ermine

Peppered moth

Yellow barred brindle

Garden carpet

Poplar hawkmoth

Red twin spot carpet

Angle shades

Knot grass


Lunar marbled brown

Brindled beauty

Powdered quaker

Flame shoulder

Nut tree tussock

Brindled pug

Dotted border

Oak beauty 03.03.22

Clouded drab

Pale pinion

Micro moths
LM = leaf mine evidence of the micro being present.
  1. Agonopterix heracliana
  2. Emmelina monodactyla
  3. Mompha subbistrigella
  4. Pammene giganteana (Millennium Wood to pheromone trap) New for parish.
  5. Diurnea fagella
  6. Agonopterix alstromeriana
  7. Ypsolopha mucronella
  8. Endrosis sarcitrella
  9. Caloptilia rufipennella
  10. Lozotaenia forsterana
  11. Aphomia sociella
  12. Aethes smeathmanniana
  13. Epiphyas postvittana
  14. Phtheochroa rugosana
  15. Cydia pomonella
  16. Tinia trinotella
  17. Anthophila fabricana
  18. Celypha lacunana
  19. Yponomeuta cagnagella (larvae on Spindle)
  20. Yponomeuta padella (larvae on hawthorn)
  21. Syndemis musculana
  22. Coleophora sp TBC.
  23. Coleophora amethystinella
  24. Notocelia cynosbatella
  25. Cochylis atricapitana
  26. Adela cuprella
  27. Anania hortulata
  28. Luquetia lobella
  29. Blastobasis lacticolella
  30. Ptycholoma lecheana (new for parish)
  31. Tortrix viridana
  32. Celypha striana
  33. Hedya pruniana
  34. Hofmannophila pseudospretella
  35. Crambus lathoniellus
  36. Udea olivalis
  37. Chrysoteuchia culmella
  38. Anania coronata
  39. Nephopterix angustella
  40. Yponomeuta malinellus
  41. Notocelia trimaculana
  42. Archips xylosteana
  43. Pterophorous pentadactyla
  44. Cochylis hybridella
  45. Pandemis cerasana
  46. Swammerdamia albicapitella
  47. Aleimma loefligiana
  48. Rhopobota naevana
  49. Archips crataegana
  50. Agapeta hamana
  51. Notocelia uddmanniana
  52. Crambus pascuella
  53. Coleophora sp
  54. Eudonia lacustrata
  55. Epinotia signatana 
  56. Caloptilia syringella
  57. Argyresthia spinosella
  58. Nemapogon cloacella
  59. Cochylis dubitana
  60. Celypha rosaceana
  61. Mompha ochraceela
  62. Yponomeuta evonymella
  63. Prays fraxinella
  64. Hypsopygia glaucinalis
  65. Archips podana
  66. Homoeosoma sinuella
  67. Ditula angustiorana
  68. Caloptilia robustella
  69. Argyresthia bonnetella
  70. Epinotia bilunana
  71. Notocelia rosaecolana
  72. Eudonia mrecurella
  73. Acrobasis repandana
  74. Pseudargyrotoza conwagana
  75. Crambus perlella
  76. Argyresthia pruniella
  77. Gypsonoma dealbana
  78. Anania perlucidalis
  79. Acleris variegana
  80. Eucosma obumbratana
  81. Agriphila straminella
  82. Udea lutealis
  83. Acentria emphemerella
  84. Phycita roborella
  85. Cnephasia stephensiana
  86. Stenoptilia pterodactyla
  87. Cochylis molliculana
  88. Scoparia basistrigalis
  89. Hedya salicella
  90. Euzophera pinguis
  91. Scoparia ambigualis
  92. Archips rosana
  93. Argyresthia alibistria
  94. Epinotia tenerella
  95. Elachista canapennella
  96. Cnephasia asseclana
  97. Epinotia abbreviana
  98. Endotricha flammealis
  99. Coleophora trifolii
  100. Spilonota ocellana
  101. Metzneria lappella
  102. Pammene regiana (New for parish)
  103. Udea prunalis
  104. Epagoge grotiana
  105. Epinotia abbreviana
  106. Scythropia crataegella
  107. Cydalima perspectalis
  108. Acleris kochiella
  109. Apotomis betuletana
  110. Yponomeuta plumbella
  111. Cameraria ohridella
  112. Achroia grisella
  113. Anacampsis blattariella
  114. Hypsopygia costalis
  115. Acleris holmiana
  116. Pleuroptya ruralis
  117. Acrobasis suavella
  118. Acleris logiana
  119. Acrobasis advenella
  120. Bryotropha domestica
  121. Monochroa palustrellus
  122. Crambus pinella
  123. Eudemis profundana
  124. Batia lunaris
  125. Lozoteanoides formosana
  126. Tinea trinotella
  127. Acleris forsskaleana
  128. Plutella xylostella
  129. Ypsolopha dentella
  130. Gypsonoma dealbana
  131. Anarsia innoxiella
  132. Aethes cnicana
  133. Gypsonoma sociana
  134. Crassa unitella
  135. Rhodophea formosa
  136. Nomophila noctuella
  137. Blastodacna hellerella
  138. Eucosma fulvana
  139. Catoptria falsella
  140. Blastobasis adustella
  141. Argyrethia semifusca
  142. Teleoides vulgella
  143. Parapoynx stratiotata
  144. Argyresthia goedartella
  145. Lathronympha strigana
  146. Pyrausta purpuralis
  147. Epinotia nisella
  148. Ypsolopha alpella
  149. Hypatima rhomboidella
  150. Oncocera semirubella
  151. Zelleria hepariella
  152. Calamtropha paludella
  153. Pyrausta aurata
  154. Acleris literana
  155. Epiblema costipunctana
  156. Zeiraphera issertana
  157. Cydia splendana
  158. Epinotia tedella
  159. Epinotia immundana
  160. Epinotia tenerana
  161. Elophila nymphaeata
  162. Helocystogramma rufescens
  163. Acrobasis consociella
  164. Lyonetia clerkella
  165. Acrobasis repandana
  166. Ypsolopha scabrella
  167. Amblyptilia acanthadactyla
  168. Endothenia gentianaeana
  169. Mompha propinquella
  170. Crambus falsella
  171. Argyresthia bonnetella
  172. Recurvaria leucatella
  173. Phyllonorycter lemniscella LM
  174. Phyllonorycter tristigella LM
  175. Cochylimorpha straminea
  176. Agriphila geniculea
  177. Ypsolopha sylvella
  178. Archips corylana
  179. Loxostege sticticalis
  180. Galleria melonella
  181. Ostrina nubilalis
  182. Pediasia contaminella
  183. Cryptoblabes bistriga
  184. Stigmella basigutella LM (new for parish)
  185. Phyllonorycter ulmivora LM
  186. Udea ferrugalis
  187. Metalampra italica
  188. Coleophora alcyonipennella
  189. Udea ferrugalis
  190. Phyllonorycter coryli LM
  191. Phyllonorycter esperella LM
  192. Stigmella aceris LM
  193. Caloptilia rufipennella LM
  194. Eliophila nymphaeata
  195. Ostrinia nubalis
  196. Stigmella microtheriella LM
  197. Stigmella visirella LM
  198. Stigmella floslactella LM
  199. Stigmella tityrella LM
  200. Stigmella hemargyrella LM
  201. Tischeria ekebladella LM
  202. Phyllonorycter messaniella LM
  203. Phyllonorycter oxycanthae LM
  204. Phyllonorycter coryfoliella LM
  205. Phyllonorycter leucographella LM
  206. Pyllonorycter maestingella LM
  207. Phyllonorycter nicelii LM
  208. Phyllonorycter acerfoliella LM
  209. Eudonia angustea
  210. Phyllonorycter joannisi LM new for parish.
  211. Acleris sparsana
  212. Stigmella crateagella LM
  213. Ectoedemia atricollis LM
  214. Monopis obviella Nov 10th dissection
  215. Calatoptilia cucilipennella 30.12.22 Stocking Wood
  216. Acleris ferrugana 30.12.22 Stocking Wood
  217. Ypsolopha ustella 30.12.22 Stocking Wood
Eudonia angustea

Ostrinia nubalis

Udea ferrugalis

Cryptoblabes bistriga

Ostrina nubilalis

Oncocera semirubella

Parapoynx stratiotata

Teleoides vulgella

  1. Nomophila noctuella

    Crassa unitella

    Rhodophea formosa

    Aethes cnicana

Acleris kochiella

Acleris holmiana

Euzophera pinguis

Phycita roborella

Nephopterix angustella

  1. Epinotia signatana

Hedya pruniana

Notocelia trimaculana

Anania hortulata

Udea olivalis

Ptycholoma lecheana

Anania hortulata

Cydia pomonella

Syndemis musculana

Yponomeuta cagnagella larvae (on Spindle)

Celypha lacunana

Aethes smeathmannianna

Phtheochroa rugosana

Aphomia sociella

Agonopterix alstromeriana

Mompha subbistrigella

Diurnea fagella

Pammene giganteana

This is me

This is me
At the end of another Norfolk Coastal footpath walk. 47 miles, 3 days 99 species of bird. September 2009

Caley Wood view

Caley Wood view
sunshine through the canopy 29.05.08

A walk along the Warta Valley, Poznan, Poland. Feb 2007

A walk along the Warta Valley, Poznan, Poland. Feb 2007
Best birds on this walk: black and middle spotted woodpecker and short toed treecreeper

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A primary school teacher for 30 years, I retired from teaching in July 2009 to set up my own science enhancement and communication company. The Primary Works offers science clubs, workshops and staged science shows nationwide. I have always been interested in bird watching since my early years. Apparently my first tick was after inquiring about a chaffinch and then receiving the Observer book of birds. By the age of 9 I had moved on to Tory Peterson's collins guide and was now involved on YOC birding holidays to Northumbria, Essex coast, Slimbridge and Yorkshire. My twitching rule is that I will willingly travel 1km for each gram the bird weighs. However, I have had many rarities just by being in the right place. I have travelled widely throughout Europe and also visited Australia and Sri Lanka. In 2016 I spent time at Portland Bird Obs and two trips to Aviero, Portugal. 2017 found me back in Sri Lanka in Feb/March, then July and back for New Year's Eve celebrations in December. Also returned to The Camargue in May for a 4 day trip. Few plans for 2018, but nothing yet booked apart from a trip to the IOW.

Grey heron

Grey heron
Over the allotment 28.09.08

Southern Hawker

Southern Hawker
Ridge footpath 27.08.08

Juvenile green woodpecker (17.08.08)

Juvenile green woodpecker (17.08.08)
Note the stripes, denoting a bird fledged this year.

common blue

common blue
Ash Valley G.C. 15.08.08

Indian balsam (impatiens glandulifera)

Indian balsam (impatiens glandulifera)
River Ash

azure damselfly

azure damselfly
River Ash 28.07.08

marbled white

marbled white
Discovered at Westland Green 22.07.08

ruddy darter

ruddy darter
Bush Wood 21.07.08

honeysuckle 19.07.08

honeysuckle 19.07.08
growing in hedgerow in Chapel Lane

cinnabar moth caterpillar

cinnabar moth caterpillar
Photographed on ragwort 19.07.08


Study of petals 11.06.08

male yellowhammer

male yellowhammer

common blue butterfly

common blue butterfly

River Ash

River Ash
looking south from the bridge at Hadham Ford

Common poppy (papaver rhoeas)

Common poppy (papaver rhoeas)
in rape field 29.05.08

Caley Wood sunshine

Caley Wood sunshine

Millenium Wood fox

Millenium Wood fox

common comfrey (symphytum officinale)

common comfrey (symphytum officinale)
06.05.08 banks of the River Ash

Garlic Mustard or Jack by the Hedge,(Alliara petiolata)

Garlic Mustard or Jack by the Hedge,(Alliara petiolata)
flowers, leaves and fruit edible . Good in salad and pesto

April showers

April showers
Double rainbow 30.04.08

Caley Wood bluebells

Caley Wood bluebells

Yellow Archangel

Yellow Archangel
Chapel Lane (20.04.08)

sunlight 16.04.08

sunlight 16.04.08
looking south west from Bush Wood

snowy buds

snowy buds
06.04.08 in Bush Wood

Looking north west

Looking north west
05.04.08 evening shower approaching

Back Garden

Back Garden
Easter Sunday (23.03.08)

Brick Kiln Hill

Brick Kiln Hill
Looking east (23.03.08)

No play today

No play today
The 2nd hole at Ash Valley golf course

Teasel head

Teasel head
Bush Wood (21.03.08)


daffodils at Bush Wood pond (21.03.08)

Swollen River Ash

Swollen River Ash
The river at the bottom of Winding Hill 16.03.08

Daybreak over the chapel

Daybreak over the chapel
Thursday 13th March

Wild daffodils (narcissus pseudonarcissus)

Wild daffodils (narcissus pseudonarcissus)
growing in Bush Wood

January snowdrops

January snowdrops
Banks of River Ash, north of Much Hadham

Good Moon

Good Moon
From garden 24.01.08

Village Green

Village Green
Looking east towards Acremore Street

Looking south before Hadham Ford

Looking south before Hadham Ford
rare January blue sky

Useful sites

The following are some useful websites that may interest readers of this blog.
Firstly, Bishop's Stortford Natural History Society

Fellow birder, Gary Whelan's blog. Gives reports from our trips out together plus reports from his trips abroad. The official herts bird club website. Frequently updated, listing bird sightings around the county. Offers links to many other websites. Both of these sites also offer links to yahoo discussion groups. An international site. You can enter as a guest but become a member( free) to post comments, bird sightings and just about anything to do with wild birds. Good news updates, classified section for binoculars, cameras etc. A new site set up where you can contact people worldwide who will help you find good birds in their country. UK section being set up presently.
Fellow birders blog. Strtford resident, Graeme Smith regulary birds the area south of Stortford as well as around Spellbrook and the River Stort from Spellbrook to Twyford Locks. Some superb bird photography: Graeme uses a digital camera attached to his powerful telescope to get detailled images of the birds he sees. Well worth a browse.
Two local sites that may be of interest can be found at

South Easterly walk

South Easterly walk
black, normal, red extended walk

South Westerly route.

South Westerly route.
Black usual, red extended

North Easterly walk

North Easterly walk
black short, walk. Red, extended

North West Patch

North West Patch
black route regular. Red route the extended wander